Case Studies


Centura Health: Creating Solutions, Processes, and Tools to Manage Population Health and Shift the Mindset



Centura Health, a large accountable care organization, standardized workflows and streamlined communication channels to achieve significant clinical improvements in their highest-risk patients.

The Challenge


Centura Health wanted to improve quality metrics and the overall total cost of care of their chronic disease populations.

The Approach


Created processes to utilize several interventions:

  • Near real-time patient identification (including admissions)
  • Risk stratification
  • Care gap identification and remediation for high-risk patients
  • Transitions of care and care management across the continuum

Developed a clinical pathway to enhance communication around:

  • Patient details
  • Evidence-based guidelines
  • Care and action plans
  • Standing order set to guide care decisions



Positive outcomes were seen in:

  • Heart failure—18% reduction in readmissions; 8% reduction in overall annual cost of care
  • COPD—17% reduction in readmissions; 2% reduction in overall annual cost of care
  • Diabetes—11% reduction in readmissions

COPD=chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


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