Case Studies


Bronson Methodist Hospital: Patient and Family Advisory Councils



Bronson Methodist Hospital achieved peak hospital performance by improving patient satisfaction.1

The Challenge


Bronson Methodist Hospital decided to set a 10-year commitment to improve their service culture and implement a patient- and family-centered care model.1

The Approach

  • Created a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) comprised of patients, family members, staff, and hospital administrators1
  • Outlined expectations for staff, including information sharing, dignity, and collaboration1
  • Providers customized care and modified their teaching style based on patient needs1



Bronson Methodist Hospital achieved and maintained a 95% overall patient satisfaction rating.1

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Vidant Medical Center: Implementing a New Model of Interdisciplinary Transitions of Care



Vidant Medical Center, a large tertiary health system in North Carolina, improved transitions of care and provided education and resources to better care for a population of patients with diabetes that was ~25% higher than the national average.2


The Challenge


Vidant Medical Center needed to deliver coordinated care to meet the specific needs of patients with diabetes and their families while reducing the total cost of care.2

The Approach


Vidiant Medical Center utilized the ABC approach2:

  • Assessed the current model against existing practices
    • Only 20% of the patients with diabetes who were discharged per month were contacted by the care team

    • Only 1 received an education session

  • Built a model based on multidisciplinary team input
  • Created an interdisciplinary diabetes care model



The new model yielded2:

  • ~$425,000 annual cost savings
  • 53% diabetes program budget reduction

For more information, read Diabetes Spectrum


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